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Scots Language Glossary of Words A - Z

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  Posted 20 May 2005 - 09:13 AM

a wee meenit: a short time
aback: behind; at rear of
able: astute; clever
ableize: ablaze
ablow: below; under
abstraklous: bad tempered; obstreperous
abune: above; over
acquant: acquaint
adae: difficulty: fuss; ceremony
aefauldlie: best wishes
aff-luif: extempore
aff-pit: excuse
affrontit: ashamed
affstaunin: aloof
aft/aften: often
agate: abroad; on the road
agee ( ajee ): askew ; ajar
agin: against
agley: awry
agrun: aground
aheid: ahead
ahin/ahint: behind
ahin-haun: late
Aiberdeen: Aberdeen
aiblins: perhaps
aik: oak
ain: own; private; privilege
aince: once
aipple: apple
airm: arm
aistlin: easterly
aither: either
aits: oats
aix: axe
alane: alone
amna: am not
Andermas: St Andrew's Day, 30th November
anerlie: only; solely
anither: another
Anster: Anstruther
antrin: chance ; rare ; occasional
apairt: apart
Aprile: April
argie-bargie: dispute
arles: payment, of arle-penny, on engagement of service; foretaste
arra: arrow
ashet: large meat plate
aside: beside
aspar: astride
asteir: abroad; astir; in a commotion; up and about
athort: across
athout: without
atween: between
atweill: assuredly; indeed
auld: old
Auld Cloutie: the devil
auld-faither: grandfather
auld-mither: grandmother
aumrie: cabinet; chest; cupboard; pantry
ava: at all
awa: away
awa wi it: done for
ay: yes
aye: always
ayebydan: everlasting
ayont: beyond


babby: baby
back-haun: overdue
back-yett: private gate
backdoor-trot: diarrhoea
backjaw: impudence
backlins: backwards
backspeir: question; interrogate; cross examine
baffies: slippers
bahookie: posterior; bottom
bailie / beylie: magistrate, equivalent of English alderman; farm steward
baird: beard
bairn: make pregnant; child
bairnskip: childhood
bairn's bairn: grandchild
baists: animals (Brock: badger; Cauf: calf; Maukin: hare; Mowie / modiewort: mole; Pownie: pony; Rattan: rat; Tod : fox)
baith: both
ballant/ballat: ballad; song
baloo: sing a lullaby; lullaby
bane: bone
banefire: bonefire
bap: roll, small loaf
bard: minstrel, poet
barelies: hardly; scarcely
bate: beat
bauchle: to shuffle; worn-out shoe; old, feeble person
baudrons: cat
baurley: barley
baurley: breathing space; respite; truce
baurley-bree: whisky
bawbees: money
bawd: hare
bawsent: brindled; white-streaked, of animal's face
baxter: baker
bedfast: bedridden
beglaumer: bewitch; enchant
begoud: begin; start
begrutten: stained with tears
begunk: betray; deceive; betrayal; deceit
behauden: indebted; obliged
beil: fester; festering sore
beild: shelter
beld: bald
bellythrawe: stomach-ache
belyve: presently; soon; by and by
ben: mountain
ben: inner part of house; in; inside; into; through; within
benmaist: furthest in; innermost
besides: compared with
besom: broom; brush
Bethankit: grace after meal
better: healed; recovered from illness
bicker: beaker; drinking bowl; tankard
bienness: affluence; prosperity
big: build
big-coat: greatcoat
billie: brother; companion; fellow
bing: heap
binna: except, unless
birk: birch
birkie: alert; animated; smart youth
birl: rotate; cause to rotate; dance; spin; whirl
birse: bristle; fit of bad temper
bittie/bittock: little bit; short time/distance
blashie: wet and windy
blate: diffident; shy; timid
blaud: sample; selection of verse
bleize: blaze
bleert: dim, of eyes; stained with weeping
blellum: silly talkative person
blethers: chatter; nonsense
bletherskite: silly talker
blinn: blind
bluffart: blast of wind; squall; a blow
bodach: old man
boddom: bottom
bonalie: farewell drink
bonnie fechter: douchty/good fighter
borestane: flagstaff stone
bourach: heap; confused heap
bogshaivelt: knocked out of shape; distorted
bonnie: beautiful; considerable
boss: devoid; empty; hollow
bou-backit: hump-backed
bowlie-leggit: bandy-legged
bowster-cup: nightcap
box-bed: wall bed
brae: hill; river bank; steep road
braeheid: hilltop
brainch: branch
braisant: bold; insolent
brats: clothing
braw: comely; excellent; considerable; very good; splendid
braws: best clothes
breeks: trousers
breinge: push forward impetuously; a violent rush forward
brent new: brand new
bricht: bright
brig: bridge
brisken up: feshen; stimulate; titillate
brither: find an equal; match; brother; equal
brocht: brought
brod/buird-claith: table-cloth
brose: porridge made with meal, water, salt and butter
brosie: coarse in manner; stout
brosie-faced: fat faced
brou: brow; brim; overhanging bank
broukit: tear-stained
broun: brown
brulzie/ brulyie: brawl; commotion; fight
bubbly-jock: turkey ( male )
bucker: delay: fuss; move or work aimlessly, yet fussily; hinder
Buckhyne: Buckhaven
buckie: perverse, obstinate person
bucksturdie: obstinate
buik / beuk: book
bumbaleerie: posterior; bottom
bumbaze: abash; amaze; bewilder
bumphlie: rumpled
bunemaist: highest; topmaist
bunker: chest; seat
burth-brief: birth certificate
busk: dress; adorn
bygane: past and gone
bylins: by and by; soon
byne: washing tub
byornar: extraordinary
byre: cattle-shed; cow-house


cadger: peddlar; hawker; tinker
caird: card; chart
cairn: heap of stones; monument
cairt: cart
caist-out: disagree
callan: boy; lad
caller: cool; fresh; refreshing
camsteerie: giddy ; unruly ; wild
cankert: irritable
canna: cannot
cantie: cheerful; contented; comfortable; bouyant; cordial; merry
capernoitit: perverse; sour-tempered
carline: old woman
carnaptious: crabbed; bad-tempered
carritch: the catechism
cast up: accuse; recall spitefully
caudron: cauldron
cauf kintra: birth-place; native district
caurrie-haundit: left handed
certes: assuredly; certainly
chaft: cheek; jaw
chairge: charge; cost; expense
chantie: chamberpot
chap: hammer; knock; stroke of clock or bell
chicken-hertit: cowardly; timid
chitterie / chitterin piece / bite: food taken after bathing
chow: chew
christmas: Christmas present
clabber: mud; clay; mire
clachan: hamlet; village
claes: clothes; garb
claes-raip: clothes-rope
claes-screen: clothes-horse
claivers: chatter; tittle-tattle
clanjamfrie : a crowd ; a rabble
clappit: shrunken; thin
clapshot: potatoes and turnips mashed together
clartie: dirty
clean: absolute; complete; completely
cleck: babble; talk idly; claptrap; insolence
cleik: clutch; seize; gaff salmon; walk arm in arm; crook; hook; salmon gaff
cless: class
clishmaclaver: gossip ; long discourse
clocker: broody hen
clype: blab; tell tales
cockabendie / cockie-dandie: small, lively person
cockle-heidit: scattered-brained
coff: buy
cog/ coggie: bowl; wooden dish
collieshangie: brawl; dispute; uproar; dogfight
come on: improve
confab: chat
connach: mar; spoil
contermacious: perverse; self willed; obstinate
contrair: contrary ; diametrically opposed
convene: gathering; meeting
convoy: accompany; transport; escort
corbie: raven; rook
corbie steps: steps on house gable-end
cornkister: farmworkers' song
coronach: dirge; lament
corp: corpse
corp-lifter: body-snatcher
corrieneuchin: chatting intimately
cou: cow
cour: cower; squat; submit; protect
courie-doun: snuggle; nestle
couthy: congenial; cosy; pleasant
cowp: capsize; tilt; tumble; upset; rubbish dump
crabbit: bad-tempered
crambo-clink: doggeral
crammasie : crimson
cranreuch: hoarfrost
crap: crop
craw: crow; boast
craw-road: direct road
crib: curb; kerb
croun: crown; first furrow in ploughing
cruzie: oil lamp
cry: call
cry doun: disparage
cry in: visit in passing
cryned: grown small through age; shrivelled
curfuffle: disarray; disagreement; disorder; excitement
curmurrin: murmer; stomach rumble
curriehunker: squat on hams
cuttie-stuil: stool of repentance


dab-haun: expert
dad: bang; beat; drive of wind; hit; slam; jolt; knock; thud
daft: foolish
daicent: decent
daimen: occasional; rare
daith: death
dams: draughts, the game
dander: anger
dander/dauner: stroll; wander; leisurely walk
darg: labour; day's labour
daur: abash; dare; intimidate
daurna: dare not
deid: dead
deid mirk: pitch black
denner: dinner
denner-piece: packed lunch
deoch-an-dorus: stirrup cup; parting drink
depairt: depart; leave
dern: darn
deval: cease; quit; cessation; stop
dicht: clean; wipe; wash superficially
dichtin: drubbing
dink/dinkie: neat; dandified
dirl : clatter; pierce; reverberate; throb; blow; vibration
dirl-aff: reel off
dirl by: pass swiftly, of time
dirlie-bane: funny bone
disjaskit: wearied; downcast
disna: does not
divert : diversion; entertainment
dizzen: dozen
dochter: daughter
dochtie: brave; powerful
dock: backside; buttocks
doitit: absent-minded; crazed; stupified
dominie: schoolmaster
donnert: stupefied: stupid
douk : bathe; dip
doun: down
dounheid: dislike
dour: grim
dove / dover: doze ; drowze
dover owre: dose off
dowie: ailing; dejected; mournful
dozent: bewildered; stupefies; impotent
dram: glass of spirits ( usually whisky )
drap: drop
draw ti: take a seat at the table
dreel: drill, in all senses; line; row
dreich: dull; monotonous; tardy; desolate; dreary
dreip : drip; drizzling rain; soft, spiritless person
drieshach: glowing fire
droukit: drenched ; soaked
droun: drown
drucken: drunken
drummure: earnest; sad-looking
dub: bog; pool; stagnant pool
dub-skelper: reckless person
dule: grief; distress
dumfouner: amaze; stun
dumfounert: amazed; stunned
dunch: bump; butt; jolt; push (with elbow)
dunt: blow ; bump ; knock
durkie: thick set
dwall: dwell
dwam: faint become sick


eastie-wastie: person of no firm conviction
ee: eye
eeran: errand; shop purchase
ee-sicht: eyesight
efter: after
eftername: surname
eident: busy; diligent; industrious
elba/elbuck: elbow
eldritch: unearthly, of sound; fearful; frightful; hideous
Embro: Edinburgh
emerant: green; verdant
emmertins: ants
emmlinns: giblets; leftovers
en: end
eneuch: enough
ensenyie: motto; slogan; watch word-word
etin: giant
ettercap: spider
etterie: bad-tempered
ettle: intend; conjecture; expect; attempt
ettle at: aim at
ettle efter: hanker for; long for
eytment: ointment
fail: decline in health
fain: glad; fond; willing; gladly
fair: stop raining; dry, of weather; complete; quite
fairfurth: explicit; honest; outspoken
fairin: gift bought at fair ; deserts
fairn-yeir: last year
faither: father
fankle: entanle; ravel; trap; fumble; muddle; tangle
fantoosh: pretentious; showy
fareweill: farewell
farin: food
farl: oatcake; flour scone
farrach: knack; flaw
fash: trouble; bother
fashious: annoying; fractious
Fastern's Een: Shrove Tuesday
fauchentuilie: squabble
faur: far
faur ben: very friendly
faur-kent: famous
faur-seen: skilled
faur-throu: dangerously ill
fause: false
Fawkirk: Falkirk
feart: afraid
fecht: battle; fight; struggle
feckless: footling; incompetent; spiritless; weakly; worthless
fell: extremely; greatly; very
ferlie: marvel; novelty; wonderful; strange
fernie-tickles: freckles
fest: fast
fettle: strenghth ; state of mind
fidgin-fain: anxiously eager
flaunter: blench; waver; veer erratically; equivocate
fleer: sneer
fleg: scare
flittin: house removal
flouer: flower
flumgummerie: tomfoolery
flyte: scold
foggie; old, out-of-date person
forder: thrive ; promote
forefowk: ancestors
forenent: facing; in front of; opposite
forenicht: early evening
forestair: open outside stair
forfend: prevent
forfochen: exhausted
forjeskit: exhausted
found: lay the foundation of; foundation; reserve of money
fouter: botch; fuss with little effect; potter about; bungler; muddle
fouth: plenty
fower: four
fower-weys: crossroad
frae: from
freestane: easily worked sandstone
frien: friend; relative
fremmit: alien; foreign; strange
fudder: blast of wind
fulyerie: foliage
funder: founder
furr up: earth up, potatoes etc
furth o: beyond the boundaries of
fush: fish
fykemaleeries: empty ritual
fykie: exacting; fussy; fastidious about trifles
fyle: befoul; deface; make dirty
gae: go; walk
gae thegither: amalgamate
gain road: direct road
gallivant: gad about; flirt
gallowses: trouser braces
gallus: daring; rash; wild
gangrel body: vagrant
gant: yawn
gar: cause; compel; constrain
garron: sturdy hill horse
gash-gabbit: glib-tongued
gate: road; street; journey
gauger: an exciseman
gawp: gape; yawn
geal: coagulate; freeze; ice; gelatine
gemme: game
gemmie: gamekeeper
gemm-leggit: lame
gether: gather; save money
geylies: rather
geylike: strange
ghaist: ghost
gie: give
gie nae inklin: give no sign/hint
gie owre: abandon; stop; quit
gin: before; by, of time; if; whether; by the time that
girn: complain; fret; snarl; grumbler
girnie: peevish
girse : grass
gitter: gobble; jabber; silly talker
glabber: mud; clay; mire
glaiber: talk incessantly or idly; babble
glaikerie: silly conduct
glaikit: foolish
glamourie: enchantment
glaur: mud, slime
gleg: alert; nimble; dextorous; intelligent; sharp; smooth
gleg-luggit: sharp-eared
gleg-shair: positive
Glesca: Glasgow
gless: glass
glibbie/glib-gabbit: glib-tongued; eloquence
glisk: glance; glimpse; flash; peep
gloamin: dusk
glowre: frown; stare, darkly; gleam, of stars
glunch: frown; sulk; sulky look
gob/gab/gub: mouth
gomeril: stupid person
gormaw: cormorant; greedy person
goun: gown
gowan : daisy
gowden: golden
gowf: golf
gowk: play the fool; cuckoo; dunce; fool
gowk-storm: spring storm
grannie: grandmother
graunfaither: grandfather
grauvit: scarf
greet: weep, sob, cry
greetin-faced: sour-faced
greitin sauch: weeping willow
grippie: tight-fisted; avaricious; greedy; mean; miserly
grozet: gooseberry
grue: shiver from aversion; creep of flesh; grimace; shiver
guddle: grope with hands for fish ; do dirty work; meddle
guid-brither: brother-in-law
guid-gaun: in good working order
guid-leevin: pious
gulliegaw: gash; deep cut
gurly: inclement
gutties: gym shoes
gype: stupid person
gyte: crazed; mad with desire
haar: sea fog
habble: limp; perplex; confusion; difficult
haddie: haddock
haddin: abode; estate; property
hae: have
hale an fier: strong and well
haet: iota: particle: whit
haffers: half-shares
haffits: temples
hairse: hoarse
hairst: harvest
haivers: talk nonsense: speak foolishly
hale: heal; healthy; whole; sound; completely
halewatter: torrent
hallirackit: a frolicking boisterous person esp girls or young women
hame: home
hame-drauchtit: home-sick; fond of, or drawn, to home
hamelie: domestic; simple
hantle: great deal; handful; a number/ quantity/ volume of
hap: cover; wrap; blanket; shawl; screen
harns: brains; intelligence
hashie: rough; untidy; stormy
haud: hold
haud at: persist
haud awa frae: go away from
hauf: half
haun: hand
haunle: handle
haun-clout: hand towel
haunless: handless; incompetent
hause-bane: neck bone
heid: head
heidstane: gravestone
heid bummer: boss; manager; prominent or important person
herbour: harbour ; shelter
hereawa: hereabouts; hither
herrie: harry; plunder; rob; ruin
hership: famine; ruin
hert: heart
hert-sair: heart sore
het: hot
hicht: height
hidie-hole: hiding place
hing: hang; knack; burden
hing in: persevere
hinmaist: final; hindmost; ultimate.
hinner: hinder
hinner-end: very end; last few
hinnie: honey; darling
hinniesickle: honeysuckle
hird: herd
hirple: hobble
his-sel: himself
hither an yont: backwards and forwards
hoast: cough
hochle: walk clumsily
hogmanay: New Year's Eve
hotter: totter; walk unsteadily; boil steadily; seethe; crowd together; swarm
hum an hae: prevaricate
hummle-doddies: fingerless mittens
hunder/ hunner: hundred
hurdies: haunches; buttocks
hurl: to bowl along ; to wheel ; a vehicle ride
hurl-barra: a wheelbarrow
hush-mush: rumour
hutcheon: hedgehog
hyster: stumble; totter
hyter: stumble; totter; trip
ile: oil
ilka: each, every
ill-trickit: mischievous
inby: indoors; inside; within
indwaller: inhabitant; resident
ingan: onion
ingate: access
ingether: collect
ingle: room fire
inklin: illusion; hint; rumour
inpit: give occupancy to tenant; insert; contribution
insteid; instead
intimmers: internal organs; stomach and bowels; internal workings; mechanism
inver: river mouth
ither: other
jaggie: prickly
jaikit: jacket
jalouse: conjecture; imagine; suspect
Janwar: January
jaur: jar
jeelie: jelly; jam
jimp: shorter; close fitting; short; slender; neat
joco: jovial; merry; cheerful; pleased with oneself
johnnie-aw-thing: small general merchant
jorum: a generous quantity of liquid, usually alcoholic
joug: jug; mug
jouk: to duck; elude; side step; swerve
joukerie-pawkerie: roguery; trickery
juist: just
juist that: precisely; quite so
jurmummle: mix up
jyle: jail; prison
kail: soup
kail-pat: soup pot
kaim: comb
kebbuck : cheese
keckle: cackle; giggle; titter
keckle-up: perk up
keek : to glance ; to peep
keek-o-day: dawn
keekin-gless: mirror
kelpie: a water demon, usually in the form of a horse which is said to haunt rivers and fords, and lure the unwary to their deaths
ken: know; recognise
kenspeckle: easily recognizable; conspicuous, familiar
Killie: Killmarnock Football Club
kiltie: wearer of the kilt
kinch: loop; noose; problem
kinrick: kingdom; realm
kintra: country; district; region
kirk: church
Kirkcaddie: Kirkcaldy
kirsten: christen
kist: box; coffin; corn bin; the thorax
kist o drawers: chest of drawers
kithend: generation
kittlie: easily tickled
kittlin: kitten
knappie: lumpy; bumpy
kyte: abdomen; stomach
laddie: boy
lae/lat alane: leave undisturbed
laft: attic
laich: low
lair-stane: tombstone
lairge: large; lavish; numerous; plentiful
laldie: a beating; a drubbing; a thrashing; punishment
Lammas: Term starting on 1st August
lan: land; tenement building
lang: long; tall
lang-nebbit: nosy
lang oor: midnight
langsyne: days of long ago; long ago
lappert: curdled
larick: larch
lat: let
lat flee: hurl
lave: rest; remainder
lawin: bill; reckoning; retribution
lealtie: loyalty
learn: instruct; teach
lee-lang: livelong
leerie: lamplighter
len: loan
lether: ladder
licks: thrash; defeat; surpass; corporal punishment; chastisement
lift: sky
link at: act energetically towards
links: sandy, bent-covered shore; sausages tied together
linn: cliff over which water falls; waterfall
lintie: linnet
lippen fou: full to the brim
loch: lake
lown: calm; peace
lowp: leap; start; throb
lowpin-on-stane: stone block to assist riders
lowsin tyme: end of day's work
lum: chimney
lunt: kindle; blaze; smoke a pipe
lyart: grizzled; grey
ma: my
mae: more; extra
maik: halfpenny
mair: extra; more
maist: most
mait: meat; food
makar: poet
mask: brew ; infuse
maskin-pat: teapot
mauna: may not
meedies: meadow; piece of marshy grassland
meenit: minute
mell: mallet
mennen: minnow
mense: commonsence; courtesy; respect; propriety
mercat: market; market transaction
merle: blackbird
messages: shop purchases
micht : might; power
mim/mim-moud: prim; affected in speech
mingin: having a bad smell; stinking; very drunk
minnie: mother
mirk: darken; blur; darkness; dark
mirkness: darkness
misert: miser; miserly
misgate: wrong course of action
mish-mash: mix-up
mishanter: accident ; calamity ; mischance
misken: misunderstand; spurn
mislippen: mistrust: overlook; betray
mither: mother
mither-leid: native tongue
moanin-minnie: complainer
moch: moth
mochie: clammy; rotting
moggan: stocking
mools: earth; grave
mou: mouth
muckle: a great deal; big; much
mune : moon
munelich : moonlight
musardrie: poetry
mutch: woman's cap
naither: neither
nane : none
near-haun: close at hand
neb: beak; nose; tip; prow
nebbie: inquisitive
neibour: to be situated near; neighbour
neipheid: stupid person
neuk: a corner; a recess; an alcove
nicht: night
nickum: scamp; rogue; mischievous boy
nieve: clench fist; fist
niffer: bargain; exchange; trade
nipscart: miser
nirlin: keen; nipping
nizzart: sharp-faced person
no weill: ill
nocht: nothing
norlan: northern
nou: now
nummer: number
nurl: become lumpy
nurlie: lumpy; uneven
nyaff: contemptible person ; trifle
oncost: outlay
on-ding: downpour ; onset ( of rain )
onie: any
oniething: anything
oniewhaur: anywhere
ontakkin: undertaking
onwart: orward
oo: wool
oo-mull: tweed mill
oorlich: raw, of weather
ooze: fluff
ordinar/ornar: ordinary
orp: fret, grumble, complain in a peevish way
orra: abnormal; peculiar; occasional; miscellaneous; shabby; vagrant
orra man: odd job man
ouk: week
out-the-road: remote
outbrak: outburst; eruption
outin: excursion; jaunt
outpit: expenditure
owrance: supremacy
owre: over
owreset: translate
owrethraw: overthrow
oxter: take by the arm; elbow; embrace; armpit
painch: paunch; stomach
Paip: Pope
pairt: part; share
paiter: chatter; indulge in monologue; chatter on endlessly
palin: fence
palin stab: fence post
parkie: public park attendant
parritch: porridge
partan: crab
pat: pot
pawkie : astute; guileful
peakit: gaunt; thin
pease - brose: porridge of ground pea flour
pech: gasp; pant; puff
Pecht: Pict
pee-the-bed: dandelion
peelie / peelie-wallie: delicate; sickly.
peenge: whine; complain; whimper
peenie: pinafore
peerie: spinning top
peesie/peesweep: peewit; lapwing
peevers : hopscotch
pendicler: the tennant of a Pendicle; a smallholder
penny wheep: weak ale
pent: paint
perjink : nicety; fastidious person; fastidious; precise; prim
philabeg: kilt
pickle: indefinate amount; a little
piece: a snack
pig: stone hot water bottle
pinkie: little finger
pirn: bobbin; reel; spool; top made with a bobbin; cotton reel
pirn-taed: pigeon toed
pit: put
pit-by: hoard; tide-over; expedient; light meal
pit-on: pretend; pretence
plackless: pennieless
plattit: pleated; woven
pliskie: prank; trick; wild idea
plot: sweat; swelter
plottin het: scaulding hot
plouk: pimple; postule; blotch
ploukie: pimply
ploy: escapade; joke; undertaking; social gathering
plunk: be absent
plunk the schuil: be absent from school without leave; play truant
poke: bag
polis: police
pow: head; scalp
pownie: pony
powter: work aimlessly
pouch: pocket
pouther: powder
precentor: conductor of singing
preen: pin
preses: chairman ; president
prig: beg; bargain contentiously; entreat; insist
primsie: demure; priggish; strait-laced
puggy: monkey
puggy-nit: peanut
puir: poor
puirtith: poverty
pynt: point
quaich: a drinking cup
quakin-quaw: quagmire
quall: quell; be quelled
quattin-tyme: end of day's work
quean: girl
raip : rope
rair: roar
ramgunshoch: bluff in manner; boorish
rammy: disturbance; free-for-all; violent disturbance; scuffle; uproar
ramstam: rush headlong; headstrong person; headstrong; rash
ravel: tangle; outwit; ramble in speech; confused in speech
rax: extend; stretch by pulling; sprain; wrench
rax for: reach for
redd: clean up; set in order; disentangle.
reglar: regular; regularly
reid: red
reik: smoke; vapour
reiver: robber; cattle raider
rejyce: rejoyce ; triumph
remeid: redress; remedy
resurrector: body-snatcher
reteir: retire; withdraw
retour: return; return journey
richt: right
richtfu: rightfull
rigbane: backbone
rin: run
rive: rend; rip; wrench; burst; grapple; tear; split
road: direction; route; method
roch: rough
rouser: watering can
rowan: mountain ash
rowe: enfold; roll; twine
rowp: auction
rowth: abundance; abundant
rug: drag; tug; twinge
rummle-gumption: understanding; common-sense; level-headedness
rug at the hert: touch the heart
sab: sob; weep; drip; seep
saft: soft
saicont: second
sair: sore; dire; severe; grief-stricken
sair trachle: laborious work
sait: chair; seat
sang: song
sangschaw: music festival
saum: a psalm
saumon: salmon
saut: salt
sax: six
scabbert: scabbard
scad: burn; scauld; scorch
scaffie: dustman; road sweeper
scaurie: young gull with brown speckled feathers
scheme: estate ( of housing )
schuil: school
sclim: climb
scowder: thin covering of snow
scowth: room; scope; freedom
scrape o the pen: letter
scrieve : write
scrimpit: frugal; undersized
scug: hide; lurk; skulk; shelter; shield; protect
scunner: cause/ get feeling of aversion; surfeit; aversion; loathing; nausea; nuisance
scutter: work dirtily; dirty, slovenly work; dawdle; waste time
seck: dismiss from job; sack
seelfu: sweet
semmit: vest
shae: shoe
shae-spune: shoehorn
shairp: sharp; frosty
shak: shake
shalla: shallow
shammie-leggit: bandy-legged
shargar: a puny, weakly person; the weakest of a brood or litter
shauchle: shuffle; shambe; tumbledown object
shed: divide; part hair; slice; parting of hair
sheen: gleam; glitter; shine
sheugh: trench; ditch; gutter
shewster: seamstress
shilfa: chaffinch
shooglie: shaky; unsteady
shouder/shouther: shoulder
shouer: shower
shilpit: emaciated; puny; shrunken
sib: kin; akin; related
siccar: fix firmly; sure; staunch; true; loyal; resolute
sicht: sight
siller: silver; money
simmer: summer
size: chives
skail : disperse; scatter; spill
skaillie-brod: writing slate
skailin time: time for closing; shutting time
skair: share
skeilie: capable; shrewd; skilful
skeldock: wild mustard
skelf: a sliver; splinter
skellum: rogue; worthless fellow
skiffie: give a clue; indication of direction
skirlie / skirlie-i-the-pan: oatmeal and onions fried in suet or dripping
skirps: splashes or drip marks
skitie: slippery
skoosh: (cause to) gush in spurts or splashes; squirt; (of solid objects) dart; glide or move rapidly with a swishing sound; a splash; spurt; jet (of water); lemonade or other aerated water
slaister: bedaub; do messy work; work done dirtily
slaiver: dribble; slobber; talk nonsense; saliva
slap: gap in wall; pass between hills; gate
slauchter: slaughter
slocken: quench
slorach: beslobber; behave sentimentally; slopy mess
smeddum: pith; vigour; animation; drive; spirit
smirr: drizzle
snash: insult; sneer; speak impertinently; abuse; impertinence
snaw: snow
snaw-bree: slush
sned: chop off; prune; castrate
snell: cold; biting, of wind; sharp
snell-gabbit: sharp-tongued
snell-nebbit: astute
sodger: soldier
souk: suck; dry up; lap; quagmire; whirlpool; sychophant
sour douk: sour milk
soutar: cobbler; shoemaker
spail: splinter; shaving
specks: spectacles
speir: ask; investigate; ask in marriage; inquiry; investigation
speldrin: gutted, split and dried (or smoked) fish
speug: sparrow
spital: hospice; hospital
spleuchan: purse; tobacco pouch
splore: frolic; carouse; prank; exploit; outing
spring: cheerful tune; reel
spurtle: porridge stick
stap: stop; step
starn: star; pupil of eye
staun : stand; last; afford; goods stall
staw: dislike; disgust
stell: still for distillation
stell-net: salmon net on stakes
stert: start
stey: steep
stick in: persist
stirup-dram: parting drink
stoit/stoiter: reel; stagger
stop: dwell; remain; lodge
stotter: move unsteadily
stoun: ache; throb
stour: dust
stourie: dusty; stormy
stowlins: secretly; staethily
strae: straw
stramash: smash; fuss; squabble; brawl
strang: strong
streitch: stretch; distance; extent; spell; turn
stushie: squabble; tumult
styte: balderdash; nonsence
subscribent: subscriber
Suddron/ Suthron: the English language; English; southern
suithfast: true; faithful
swalla/swallie: swallow, the bird
swythe : speedy; speedily
sybie: a spring onion
syke: ditch; gutter; stream that drys up in the summer
syne: rinse ; wash superficially
syne doun: wash down food with drink
sypit: soaked
syver: a drain; a gutter; a sink
tae: toe; tine
taigle: delay; detain; harass; hinder; entangle
tairt: tart
tak: take
tak lowe: catch fire
tap: top
tappit-hen: whisky decanter topped with a hen's comb
tapsalteerie: topsy-turvey ; chaotic
tash: soil; fray; stain
tassie: cup; goblet
tattie: potato
tattie-beetil: potato masher
tawse: fibrous root; strap
teet-meet: a low muttered conversation; a whispering together
tellt: told
tent: listen to; notice; care for; attention
tentless: careless; inattentive; thoughtless
teuch: tough
The Bairns: Falkirk Football Club; the inhabitants of Falkirk
The Blue Brazil: Cowdenbeath Football Club
The Buddies: St Mirren Football Club
The Bully Wee: Clyde Football Club
the day: today
The Dons: Aberdeen Football Club
The Fife/Fifers: East Fife Football Club
The Gable Endies: Montrose Football Club
The Gers: Rangers Football Club
the lenth o: as far as
the nou: just now
The Pars: Dunfermline Football Club
The Shire: East Stirlingshire Football Club
the wale o: the pick of
The Well: Motherwell Football Club
theevil: porridge stick
thesaurer: treasurer
thirl: bind; enslave
thole: endure; undergo; permit
thoum: thumb
thrawn: stubborn; surly; disobedient; adverse
threip: assert dogmatically; complain; harp; assertion; argument
thrissle: thistle
thunner: thunder
thunner-plump: sudden downpour
tint: lost
tirran: tyrant; cantankerous, awkward, or obstinate person; tearaway
tirrivee: bustle; tantrum; rage
toorie: woollen bonnet
toun: town; farm; hamlet
tow: hemp fibre; string; rope
towmond: year
tozie: muddles; half-drunk; tipsy; drowsily warm/snug
trews: close fitting tartan trousers
trig: tidy up; neat; smart; attractive
trowe: roll; spin/cause to spin; trundle
tummle: tumble
tung-tackit: tongue-tied
twa: two
twa-thrie: a few
tyauve: struggle
tyauve-throu: survive
tyke: dog; cur; mongrel; rustic fellow
tyne: lose; miss a target; forfeit; perish
unce: ounce
unkent: unfamiliar
unnerstaun: understand
unsiccar: unsafe; undependable
unsocht: uninvited
unwycelike: indiscreet
unyirdlie: unearthly; supernatural
upby: up the road; up yonder
uptak: preoccupy; understand; intelligence
usquebae: whisky
vacancy : holiday
vauntie: conceited; jaunty; showy
veesion: vision
veesit: visit
vennel: passage/ lane between houses
verra: very
virr: energy; force; industry; vigour
vizzy-hole: peep-hole
vocable: word
vogie: boastful; elated; imposing
vratch: wretch
vrocht: worked hard
wabbit: exhausted
wabsteid: website
wabster: weaver
wae: woe
waefu/ waesome: woeful
wag-at-the-wa / waggettie-wa: wall-clock (with uncased pendulum)
wale: choose; select
wallie-dug: china dog
wanchancie: ill-fated ; risky
wanhope: dispair
wanluck: misfortune
wanpeace: strife
warld: world
warld's gear: wordly wealth
warsle throu: overcome adversity
watergaw: indistinct rainbow
wather: weather
wauchle: shamble; stagger; tire; perplex; laborious effort
wauken: arose; awake
waukrife: sleepless; vigilent
waur: defeat; worst; parry
wean: child; infant
weary on: desire; long for
wee: small; young; mean
wee-yin: child
wee pickle: small amount
weem: cave; tunnel
weill: well
weill-hertit: good hearted; optimistic
weir: war
weir: wear
weird-fu: fateful
weir-hairness: armour
weit: wet, irrigate; moisture
weive; knit
Wensday: Wednesday
wersh: ( of food and drink ) tasteless; insipid; unpalatable
wey: way
wheemer: mutter
wheesht: hush
whit: what
whusk: whisk
whyles: now and then; sometimes
widdershins: anticlockwise ; backwards
wik: week
willie-waucht: large draught of liquor
winna: shall not; won't
winnock bunker: window seat
wittinsblad : newspaper
wrack-wuid: drift-wood
wraith: wreath
wrang: injure; error; wrong
wricht : carpenter; joiner
wunner: wonder
wynd: lane between houses
wyte: blame; impute blame or guilt to ( a person or thing ); accuse a ( person ) of responsibility for something
wyteless: blameless; innocent
wyver: spider
yaised tae: inured to
yak: ache
yallochie: yellowish
yammer: fret; complain; outcry; whine; whimper; lamentation; grouse
yatter: chatter
yavil: second; field under oats for second year
yella/yalla: yellow
yella yite: yellow hammer
yersel: yourself
yestreen: yesterday evening
yett: gate
yeukie-bane: funny bone
yill: ale
yince: once
yird/yirth: earth
yirk: jerk
yokie: itchy
yondmaist: furthes
yorlin: yellow hammer
yowdendrift: snow driven by wind
yowie: fir cone
yow-trummle: cold weather after sheep shearing
yule: Christmas
yule E'en: Christmas Eve
Ceud Failte Caer Gaelbhen Wulf!
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